Site Selection

Your decision to seek a new location, expand or upgrade existing facilities is one that will have a long-term impact on your organization. Progressive Investment Company works with you to strategically assess all factors specific and necessary for the ultimate success of your business, offering expertise in site acquisition as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our site development capabilities. Our extensive experience in the southern Indiana market enables us to efficiently identify, evaluate and procure properties that have been approved through our site-selection process. Our resources allow us to efficiently and expertly deal with property identification, acquisition, zoning and permitting.

Land Development

With our expertise and resources, Progressive Investment Company is fully capable of coordinating all aspects of your land development project.   From acquiring necessary permits to preparing the building pad, we work closely with state and local governments to ensure a smooth development process. 


By partnering with Progressive Investment Company in the early stages of your project, we are able to deliver you a premium build-to-suit product in the most cost-effective and timely manner.  Our design/build capabilities in conjunction with our partner company, Seufert Construction, allow us to be a single source solution for land acquisition, engineering, design and construction services.

We understand that time is of the essence and so have chosen to develop and apply our fast-track method to every project we undertake, yielding the most economical lease rates and purchase prices in less time.

From concept to completion, our single source, unified approach provides for more accountability and enables both you and PIC to work together to achieve the most optimal site, layout design and finished construction.  

Facility Leasing & Management

As you consider build-to-own, build-to-lease or expansion of an existing structure, Progressive Investment Company is equipped with the skills and resources to take you from conception to completion.  Our active involvement in the real estate industry has allowed us to foster relationships with local and regional brokers, working diligently to bring in national retail and commercial clients as well as to keep our CAM fees competitive and overall operating costs in check.  

As we continue to remain actively focused on customer care and retention, we are able to provide a broad scope of facility management services including but not limited to facility oversight and maintenance, monitoring of property taxes and insurance, additional risk mitigation, building enhancements and signage and ongoing tenant relations.  

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